SeniorLED Brings CE Indoor Outdoor LED Light Bulbs & Bars Catalog

To cater ever growing global demand for indoor LED light bulbs and outdoor LED light bars, SeniorLED has been expanding its catalogue of indoor and outdoor LED light bulbs for many years now. Recently, it introduced new catalogues of CE Indoor LED light bulbs and CE outdoor LED light bars which are more energy efficient, durable and performance-oriented.

Check out the brief details about the indoor LED light bulbs and outdoor LED light bars:

CE Indoor LED Light Bulbs Catalogue includes product details and information of T8 LED tubes, LED panel lights, small LED panel lights, waterproof LED panel lights, T8 LED tubes (Aluminium + PC), T8 LED tubes (Nano), LED freezer lights, and much more. These indoor LED lighting solutions have been proven highly energy efficient and durable. Check out the CE indoor LED lights catalog

indoor led light bulbs

CE Outdoor LED Light Bar Catalogue comprises of high performance LED lighting solutions such as LED flood lights, LED tri proof lights, LED street bulbs, and LED shoebox lights. The outdoor LED light bars are best suited for businesses, organizations and public projects. Check out the CE outdoor LED light bar catalog

SeniorLED made the announcement about the new indoor outdoor catalogs through an official blog post. Check out the indoor outdoor LED lights blog.

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SeniorLED has also been praised highly on Quora for its product quality and customer support. Read what people have to say about SeniorLED on Quora.

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Healthy Lighting Benefits – Data, Findings & Facts for 2018

Healthy lighting are being favored over traditional lighting products since studies have proven their vast range of benefits. SeniorLED, top health lighting LED supplier of China, recently shared the benefits of healthy lighting in a blog post which brings data, findings, and usage insights from all over the world.

Here are some of them:

  • Heschong study confirming 25% improvement in memory and 23% in productivity with healthy lighting products.
  • Health facilities using well-being lighting for patients struggling with dementia and Alzheimer.

healthy lighting benefits


  • Cities like Los Angeles and Calgary (Canada) embracing low energy light bulbs.
  • 25% ASID employees reporting improvement in sleep after installation of circadian lighting

The blog brings data, findings and fact related to LED lighting and healthy lighting products. Check out the full blog on healthy lighting benefits.

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Are LED Lights Bad For Your Eyes?

The straight answer to the question “are LED lights bad for your eyes?” is yes. But there is more to it than a one word answer.

According to Spanish researchers, blue light present in traditional LED lights can cause irreversible damage to the eyes, especially cornea and retina. Researchers further added that once retina cells are destroyed by prolonged and continuous exposure to LED lights, they cannot be replaced and will not regenerate. Other than causing damages to eye cells, traditional LED lights are also notorious for unbalancing body’s circadian rhythms during sleep.

are led lights bad for your eyes

The Huge content of blue light wavelength and Unfiltered Ultra violet rays makes LED lights really bad for your eyes. Traditional LED lights uses up to 95% less energy than incandescent lights thus are highly energy efficient but the health focused drawbacks of traditional LED lights make them weak in argument.

Thankfully,globally renowned LED manufacturers and suppliers are now focusing on bringing innovative healthy LED solutions such as low blue light bulbsto eradicate complications related to the blue LED lightings.

SeniorLED – Introducing Low Blue light Bulbs

A registered company in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED is one of the most prominent LED lights manufacturers and suppliers dealing in revolutionary low blue light LED products based on blue blocking light technology.

are led lights bad for your eyes

Blue blocking light technology resembles sunlight spectrum and reproduce similar wavelength intensity to a certain degree. While traditional LED lights are bad for eyes, low blue light bulbs from top healthy lighting suppliers minimize the damage and promote overall health, improve visibility, and enhance productivity.

With advanced LED manufacturing infrastructure, strict quality control process and global quality standards, SeniorLED has become one of the most trusted LED brands in the world.Drop a mail to or call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to request the best price for low blue light bulbs and healthy lighting solutions.

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In short, only traditional LED lights are bad for your eyes!

Top LED Supplier of China Shares Success Secrets

China’s LED market is highly competitive but still only few LED suppliers of China have made it big. While there are many factors that are crucial for success in LED market, SeniorLED – one of the leading LED suppliers of China – shared its success secrets with readers in a recently published blog post.

led suppliers in China

Here are the reasons that distinguish the LED manufacturer and supplier from thousands of others:

  • Lighting fast delivery
  • Steady and safe capital flow
  • AIG insurance
  • Advanced Certifications
  • Sophisticated production line
  • Secure packaging
  • Distinguished ODM service provider (US market)
  • Competitive Price
  • Premium digital presence
  • Highly satisfied clients  

Check out the complete post to read in detail about the unique qualities of top LED supplier of China.

In last 2 years, SeniorLED has shifted focus to healthy lighting and is gaining popularity for its well-being product catalog. Contact us at (+86) 139 6488 0018 for a quote or drop an email at to request a FREE sample of products from top LED supplier of China.

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Circadian Lighting – SeniorLED Shares Healthy Benefits

Circadian lighting creates an ideal lighting ambiance that maximizes wellbeing and overall productivity.It is well known for maintaining and regulating circadian rhythm during sleep. To create awareness about circadian light bulbs, SeniorLED is working on a detailed blog post.

circadian lighting

Circadian lighting – Health highlights

Unlike Traditional LED and fluorescent lights, circadian light bulbs reduces high blue wavelength which is infamous for its unhealthy and disastrous effects on humans.Recent studies state that light bulbs that are being used in various workplaces, hospitals and schools have higher amount of health risks associated with it.

Circadian light bulbs use revolutionary low blue light technology to increase productivity and improve health.Advantages of circadian light bulbs include:

  • Better office productivity
  • High alertness & cognitive behavior
  • Balanced circadian rhythm
  • Improved mental health
  • Enhanced mood functions.

Read out the complete blog post here to better understand the concepts of Circadian light bulbs

To further enhance knowledge about healthy lighting read this blog about mood light bulbs.

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Low Blue Light LED Bulbs – SeniorLED Shares Insights

Demand of low blue light LED bulbs is increased because awareness about risks of blue light have increased. According to the research, it has been proved that worker working in offices and factories are in a great risk because they are working in a artificial light full day without any access to natural light. This is the reason why SeniorLED is creating awareness about low blue light LED bulbs and also supplying  the products to LED market of Canada, United states and Asia.

low blue light

Low blue light LED bulb is better because low blue light reduces the blue wavelength content Long term exposure of blue light can cause serious damage to our eyes especially retina. In the detailed blog post, SeniorLED has shared great insights about the blue light and innovation taking place to tackle it. Read the complete blog post here to understand better the concept of low blue light LED bulb.

low blue light

Low blue light bulbs are designed with circadian cycle of humans in mind. LED engineers have evolved lighting technology which ensures minimum amount of blue light. Lighting products of SeniorLED focus on making home and work space healthier. That’s why they are highly recommended on quora.

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Full Spectrum Lights – Overview & Top Suppliers, China

Full-spectrum lights have a growing demand, and the main reason behind it is its healthy lighting capabilities. Besides improving overall productivity and enhances wellbeing, full spectrum lights are also used in art studios, gardens, aquariums, and many other environments. The healthy nature of full spectrum light is making it a popular choice amongst businesses as well as families.

Full spectrum lights usually meet high human health standards by aligning with our circadian rhythms. Light is the most important environmental stimulus for regulating our circadian cycles and that’s why awareness about the full spectrum lighting is crucial. And hence this blog.

Let’s start by elaborating on the meaning of Full Spectrum Lighting:

Full spectrum lighting – Overview

Full spectrum lights are lights that cover all the wavelengths of plants or living organisms and electromagnetic spectrum. Because of its good visual performance, it’s highly preferred by business owners as well as corporate bodies. Sources of full light spectrum provides excellent color rendering typically more than 90%, thus referred by color scientists and color matchers. Full-spectrum light ensures good color discrimination.

Battery Powered Emergency LED Light Bars


Full spectrum wellbeing lighting suppliers

Globally, LED manufacturers are now concentrating their research and development on healthy wellbeing lighting and spreading awareness regarding uses of wellbeing healthy lights over traditional led lights. With ever increasing LED market size, the market share of healthy lighting is growing drastically. SeniorLED is bringing innovative solutions in the wellbeing healthy lighting industry. The main focus is on the development and innovation of healthy lighting products without compromising on the quality and reliability.

In a short span of time, SeniorLED has become well renowned  and made it to the list of top full spectrum wellbeing lighting manufacturers in the globe. To contact SeniorLED for your queries related to full spectrum lighting products, email at or call (+86) 139 6488 0018

SeniorLED has announced that it will be part of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair on October, 2017. Read more about it.