Buy T8 LED Tube with Aluminum Case – Seniorled, LED wholesalers China

Seniorled has been manufacturing LED lights and tubes all over the world for around a decade now. It’s particularly known for supplying path breaking lighting solutions to USA, Europe, Middle East and Asian markets. Today, we will share a video that will shed light on the magnificent design and capabilities of Seniorled’s T8 led light tubes that come with aluminum case.

Have a look at the t8 LED light demonstration video that shares all its technical specs:

Here’s some of the T8 tube advantages shared in the video:

  • External aluminum case for further improved heat dissipation and strength
  • Efficient light transmission
  • Protection from shocks and more durability than glass tubes
  • UL and DLC certification for peace of mind
  • Available in 3 color temperatures
  • Choose from 3 lengths and 5 different power outputs

Buy lighting products from top LED manufacturers of China to get best product quality, support, and price. Learn more about T8 tube with aluminum case and post your LED purchase inquiry.


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