LED battery-backed emergency power – An Analysis by Seniorled

The battery-backed emergency power in LED panel emergency lights is combined by huge capacity of chargeable batteries and intelligent control circuit board. The whole backup power is placed in a power box, which forms a combination of emergency power. Like top LED manufacturers of China, Seniorled modifies its working time for emergency by increasing or decreasing running time. Work hours (1 to 5 hours) for emergencies can be easily matched for clients.


The emergency intelligent control circuit board not only works for battery charging but also monitors status of input current and volt in real time to check if grid is off. This removes the necessity of manual activation during earthquakes, attacks, and other emergency occurrences. The emergency system will automatically start to backup power, and the same will keep LED panel lights workable for emergency use.

When grid power is available again, the control system will automatically switch off battery backup and LED panel lights will work based on grid power. Also, it will automatically charge the batteries for future use. After full charge, control system will automatically work to keep the backup power capacity, self-discharge compensation, maintenance of battery performance and lifespan.

For LED and tube clients, Seniorled configures battery capacity to meet the demands for different emergency working hours. And yes, our LED emergency panel lights can work under the temperature -25 ℃ to + 60℃. This is something that only top LED manufacturers and wholesalers of China guarantee.

Seniorled is the global supplier of LED grow lights, t5 t8 LED tubes, and waterproof LED lights. Visit www.seniorled.com to learn more LED products on offer.


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