Why tri-proof LED lights are better than traditional tubes?

The first generation LED lights products were based on the design that covered fluorescent tubes externally with one hermetic light fixture, and their internal components were done with some essential treatment for corrosion-proof and moist-proof. Those joints of hermetic light fixtures were usually sealed with rubber pads. Therefore, the light came with tri-proof function finally.


General speaking, traditional fluorescent tubes only contains around 3,000 hours life span. In places like damp basements and garages, people have to replace new tubes every 4-5 months. This replacement rate does not include artificial damage or product failure.

LED tubes are simply the better in comparison to fluorescent tubes since they contain longer life span. Generally, there is about 30,000 to 50,000 lifespan for LED tubes, and due to its lower failure rate, people do not need to open light fixtures often. Hence, the growing demands of tri-proof LED garage ceiling lights.

Seniorled is the global manufacturer and supplier of high-efficiency LED lights and tubes. The China-based company brings a vast catalogue of lighting products including LED panel lights, solar street lights, tri-proof LED lights, and high bay UFO.

Get in touch with top LED distributors of China to get best price for your lighting requirements.




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