LED Light Source and LED Luminaire – The Difference

LED buyers across the world are often baffled to find different terminologies related to LED lamps and tubes. Today, we are here to address the difference between LED light source and LED luminaire so that you place the right order with your LED manufacturer and supplier in China.

Let’s start with LED light source/lamp:

LED light source is a lamp with a combination of one or more light sources/LED modules. Unless permanently damaged, the LED module cannot be removed.

LED luminaire, on the other hand, is designed to use LED light fixtures.

Luminaire is defined as ‘energy distribution, revealing or change an instrument that one or more lamps emit light’. It includes a support, and protection of all the components fixed (but not including the lamp itself). The necessary circuit means they will be connected to an auxiliary power supply.

LED lamps and tubes are certainly the future of lighting. If you don’t believe us, then, check out this post sharing the harmful effects of using CFLs.

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