Seniorled Presents T8 LED Tubes for USA, AUS & NZ Markets

Seniorled has been revolutionizing the Chinese lighting market with its dynamic collection of LED products for many years today. Today, we are sharing the vast collection of T8LED  tubes optimized for unique markets by China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.


So, let’s get started!

USA optimized T8 LED tubes

 Built for businesses and organizations based in the States, these t8 tubes come with heat sink technology and bring various other advantages like shock resistance, higher performance, and 5-year warranty. Learn more about T8 LED tube.

AUS and NZ optimized T8 LED tubes

This virtually unbreakable T8 tube is C-TICK Rohs & CE-compliant. Also available in 2FT, 4FT, 5FT and 8FT, this LED product on sale brings all the technological advantages promised by LED products supplied by Seniorled. Browse and buy T8 LED tube at wholesale price.

LED fluorescent tubes

Approved by CE and TUV, these tubes are available for purchase at very reasonable price. These advanced LED tubes come with 30,000 hours of long lifespan and provision of custom branding. Learn more about T8 fluorescent tubes on sale.

To browse the complete catalog of T8 LED tube lights, visit this page.

Besides being a registered brand of USA and Canada, Seniorled also brings the advantage of AIG insurance for its clients. Whether you want to make a small purchase or import a large LED lot, the China LED manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers can manage it all.

Recently SenioLED was also featured in top media sites over the internet such as LEDinside and Top10consultants.

Send an email at to negotiate pricing and discuss your queries.



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