How Seniorled became top LED Supplier of China?

While leading LED brands are still concentrated in USA, EU and Japan, the pattern of overall industrial chain continually changes. If you do not want to invest anything, you will be pulled out of the industry. To survive the competitive LED market and emerge as a global brand, Seniorled focused on four factors, namely:

Focus on innovation

Seniorled never stopped innovating while evolving new LED products and making technological upgrades. This is the reason why we keep on adding new LED products in our catalogue. LED High Bay UFO is new newest product addition!

Improved production capabilities

While there are over a million LED manufacturers and suppliers in China, very few invest in high quality product capabilities and research. This gives Seniorled an edge since it is always making enhancements in its production capabilities.

International sales network

Over years, Seniorled managed to aggressively expand its LED sales and distribution network. It is a registered brand in the USA and Canada. Having country optimized products helps a lot as well. Check out AUS and NZ optimized LED t8 tubes.

Strong financial base

Competing in the highly competitive LED market at international level is not easy. But Seniorled manages to do the same by focusing on product quality and customer support.

By focusing on above 4 factors, Seniorled has become one of the best LED manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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