Seniorled Shares Secret of best Waterproof LED lights and tubes

Most waterproof LED light’s manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in China believe that increasing the efficiency of LED chips is the only way to increase the light’s lumens. This is completely untrue. Seniorled uses advanced waterproof LED technology and insights to improve product efficiency. To be more precise, we create cost-effective (< $10) high lumen lighting by:

  • Making sure that efficiency of driver is over 92%
  • Confirming light transmittance diffusion of diffuse cover over 93%
  • Maximizing output of every LED chip
  • Designing the arrangement of IF and VF of LED chips perfectly


Such focus on developing high-efficiency waterproof LED lights and delivering value to clients has helped Seniorled become the top LED manufacturer and supplier of China.

Our team of highly qualified engineers with vast experience in optics, electrical engineering and heat management conduct research to create top quality waterproof LED lights, grow lights, LED tubes, panel lights, and high bay UFO lights for global markets.

Seniorled is a registered brand in the USA and Canada.

Recently SeniorLED was also featured in the top question answer sites like quora.

Visit the website to browse waterproof LED tubes and lighting products on offers or email at to inquire about pricing.



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