LED Market Insights and Major Lighting Trends for 2017

Global LED market has its share of complexities and is really hard to make sense for new buyers, suppliers, investors, and distributors. To simplify the task, SeniorLED came up with a detailed market analysis. The leading LED manufacturer of China shares that there are 7 market segmentations when it comes to terminal market, namely:

  • Residential units and housing projects (Biggest)
  • Office requirements
  • Outdoor infrastructure
  • Shops and small businesses
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing hubs
  • Buildings and commercial units


Lighting trends have also changed a lot last few years and they will certainly make an impact on LED market 2017. The quick evolution of lighting technology and grow demand of top quality LED products is most noticeable. Not to mention the falling prices of top LED tube lights and lamps in China.

Read the complete post here to learn how LED market looked in 2016 and how you should prepare in 2017. Also get familiar with government’s stance on evolving LED market.

Want to import top quality LED tubes and panel lights from China? Drop an email at info@seniorled.com and get the best quote for high efficiency lighting products from China from a LED company committed to protect nature.


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