SeniorLED Shares Environmental Benefits of LED lights

The negative effects of fluorescent bulbs on our environment are disastrous. These bulbs have contributed to the ozone depletion and global warming. Now it is time to change your light bulbs and switch to eco-friendly led lights and t8 tubes.


SeniorLED, a leading LED manufacturer and supplier of China, is concerned over climate change and global warming caused by CFL light bulbs. It is not only manufacturing power saving LED tubes lights but also creating awareness about its benefits.

To share its insights with global audience, it collaborated with Top10 Consultants and shared a detailed post about environmental benefits of LED. Here are major points shared in the post:

  • More energy efficient than fluorescent & incandescent lights, and transforms 80% of light into energy.
  • LED lights don’t contain toxic chemical like mercury which later becomes hazardous waste.
  • LED bulbs don’t contain UV radiation and hazardous chemicals which may cause cancer.
  • Last 6 times longer than CFL blubs, which decreases production and carbon emissions in the long run.

Read the complete post published at Top10 Consultants to learn more about environment impact of LEDs and CFLs.

The change in perception is happening. People and businesses across the world are getting aware about climate change and taking steps to check it. Highly recommended on Quora, SeniorLED is helping them by producing the best eco-friendly LED ceiling lights, reading bulbs, and outdoor tubes since 2008.

Visit to check eco-friendly LED products on offer by best LED supplier of China.


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