Importing LED Panel Lights From China? Check These Documents First!

China is the biggest LED panel lighting manufacturing country in the world. Before importing LED panel lights from the country, there are a lot of things which should be kept in mind. SeniorLED – China’s top LED light manufacturer and supplier – recently shared the top LED supplier documents that must be check while importing from the country.

seniorLED import from china

Here they are!

Business License

In China, every registered LED light panel company has a business license. This license contains all the key information about your supplier and it will tell you everything you need to know about your LED tube lights manufacturer and supplier. The information contained in business license is:

  • Registered Capital
  • Business scope
  • Legal representative
  • Registered address
  • Year of registration

QMS Certificate

Quality Management System is the sets of protocol in China which every LED supplier has to follow. It consist rules and regulations for checking the production quality of a supplier.

QMS certificate helps you to assess your supplier’s quality of goods and services. This will give you clear idea about the LED panel light quality of your supplier. The most common standardized protocol is ISO 9001.

CSR Certificate

Corporate Social Responsibility certificate ensures whether your supplier is certified and engaged in any CSR programs. Issued under Social Compliance Protocol (BSCI), this certificate will give you a clear idea about the social initiatives taken by your potential LED panel light supplier of China. SeniorLED partnered with UNICEF for its CSR program.

Product Certificates/ Test Reports

Going through Compliance documents can help you select the best LED panel light supplier in China to import lighting products. It will help you to understand whether your LED light supplier is capable of ensuring compliance with Test Reports under EU and US regulations.

Above are the major factors that ought to be kept in mind before importing LED blubs and panel lights from China. Being top LED light manufacturer and supplier of china, SeniorLED keeps sharing such valuable LED panel light buying and importing guides with buyer across the world.

Do you want to import LED panel lights, bulbs, grow lights, or T8 tubes from China? Connect with SeniorLED to discuss your queries.


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