Battery Powered Emergency LED Light Bars with Diverse Applications

Some LED products pack so much capabilities that they encounter humongous demand. 50-inch battery powered emergency LED light bars from SeniorLED is one such product. The UL approved LED lighting product packs amazing performance and power saving capabilities which make it perfectly suitable for:

  • Railway stations
  • Coal mines
  • Metal factories
  • Power stations
  • Power grids
  • Commercial spaces
  • Factory workshop
  • Vessels
  • Harbours
  • Construction units

Very few LED products witness such a widespread appeal. For this product, the credit goes to the diverse LED light features. Here is the list of points that differentiate the battery-powered emergency LED light bar from others in the market:

Battery Powered Emergency LED Light Bars

Over 50,000 hours of life span – No one likes to replace LED lights every other year. The feature of extended lifetime gives it huge popularity for commercial use.

Sturdy built – These Emergency LED light bars from SeniorLED can resist high temperatures, evade corrosion, resist fire, and bring the strength of fiberglass.

Certified by the best – With certifications like UL, cUL, CE, CB, SAA and DLC, the 50 inch led light bar with battery support have been tested for ace performance.

Easy to manage – The top selling LED product from SeniorLED is easy in install and brings a modular design. It also boosts improved installation safety. What more can you ask for?

5 year warranty – When it comes to importing LED lights, businesses often worry about returns. That’s why SeniorLED promises delivery of brand new products in case of technical glitch.

The UL approved 50 inch LED light bar from SeniorLED with extended functions like emergency battery, dimming, and sensor control are truly a league apart from other LED products in the same range. Visit this page for product specifications and details.

A registered brand in the USA and published regularly in top LED magazines like LEDinside, SeniorLED is the leading LED manufacturing and distribution company of China that deploys rigorous QC process to deliver top quality LED products.

Do you want to buy battery powered LED lights and emergency LED light bars that save power, lasts longer, and deliver top performance? Send us an email at to discuss your order.


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