Buy best LED grow lights from China for indoor farming

LED grow lights and tubes from SeniorLED are popular amongst florists, agriculturists, and gardening enthusiasts across the globe. The main reason for their popularity and growing demand is company’s focus on quality of the LED grow lights. But LED grow light from the brand brings various other benefits as well.

Best Led grow lights

Here are the top features of the grow lights supplied by top LED manufacturers and suppliers of China:

  • The lights produces full solar spectrum which promotes plant growth. The light produced is equivalent to natural solar light.
  • Best LED grow lights dispense less heat and occupy little space. SeniorLED promises the same.
  • The LED grow lights come with more than 35k hours of life, which is almost 10 times more than normal bulbs.
  • SeniorLED takes care of safety standards. Its LED growing lights come with short-circuit protection and over temperature protection.
  • Fitted with isolated DC driver, the grow light saves 30% of the power leading to lower electricity bills.
  • The grow light bars deliver perfect lighting and zero flicker

Widely used for indoor farming, and cultivation of plant, crops & herbs, LED grow lights can speed up plant growth but only if they are high quality in nature.

SeniorLED is the top manufacturer of grow LED lights in China and also a registered brand in US and Canada. Check out grow lights from the company for more details.

The top LED supplier of China is also mentioned frequently in top question answer sites like Quora

Want to plant something but don’t have enough outdoor space or favorable climate? Contact SeniorLED for quality grow lights!


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