Top LED Wholesalers Share Best Qualities of Waterproof LED Lights

While buying waterproof LED lights, the first thing you should consider is quality and reliability. Although China is the largest LED lighting manufacturing country, not all the LED wholesalers supply top quality waterproof LED lights. Only selected LED light wholesalers and distributors focus on quality of their LED products.

Here are the important features which you should confirm from your LED wholesaler before buying LED waterproof lights:

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Patent waterproof structure with water proof glue

Most LED wholesalers use only water proof glue which fades off with the passage of time. Make sure that you get both patent waterproof structure and glue. Only this will guarantee IP65 protection from water ingress.

Quality of lighting components

It is very important to check whether your LED wholesaler uses high quality LED components or not. Most crucial components used in waterproof LED lights are:

  • Mitsubishi PMMA resin light guide plate.
  • Taiwan Everlight 2835 A grade SMLED Chips.
  • IP65 EU standard power factor for long lasting products.
  • Aviation grade 6063 aluminum frame for enhanced heat dissipation.

Suitability for most environments

Your water proof LED lights should be protected with IP65 waterproofing in order to work in any environment (indoors or outdoors, wet or dry). So, confirm environment suitability from your LED lighting manufactures company.

Primary usability

The most suitable areas for water proof LED lights are basements, swimming pools, bathrooms and underground parking lots. The LED lights will be able to perform better in these areas only if the LED light wholesaler has mentioned the same on LED product page.

Above are some important LED lighting features and capabilities that must be checked before buying LED waterproof lights. SeniorLED – leading LED wholesaler of China – promises all the above mentioned quality features in its waterproof LED lights. That’s the main reason for the popularity of their LED products across the globe. A registered brand in the USA and Canada, it has vast catalogue of LED products on offer for hotels, shopping centers, commercial spaces, hospitals, residential properties, and corporate offices.

SeniorLED is also recommended highly on Quora and other QA sites for its focus on power savings and environment protection. Also check these documents before importing LED products from China.


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