Commercial LED Panel Lights and Bulbs – Explosive Growth & Demand

Top manufacturers of modern LED light panel, ceiling lights and bulbs are changing the lighting market with their eco-friendly and energy saving approach. The lighting industry has seen a sudden shift from traditional CFLs to cost efficient LED bulbs.

Let’s understand why LED panel lights and tubes are increasingly being used in shopping malls, hotels, railways, businesses, and other commercial spaces:

  • Environment friendly: LED panel lights don’t contain harmful toxic waste like mercury inside it. Mercury can cause landfill pollution and can also pollute drinking water if gets in contact. Organizations are becoming aware about protecting environment, and hence the shift is only understandable.

suspension mount

  • Higher lifespan: LED panel lights from top LED manufacturers can last more than 80, 000 hours and theoretically it can last up to more than 27 years. Almost 60%-70% more run time as compared to traditional fluorescent lamps.
  • Flexibility in design: LED ceiling lights are designed in a very flexible manner. They can be easily modified and designed according to customer’s preference. However only top LED manufacturing companies like SeniorLED provide this option of tailor-made lighting solutions.
  • Higher resolution: Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED panel lights offer higher brightness which leads to better visibility. Top LED manufacturers of China use highly efficient photo conductor plate and quality aluminum materials to increase efficiency.
  • Low heat dissipation: Best LED ceiling and garage lights transforms more than 80% of the energy into light. Hence, there is very low heat dissipation in these LED lights which also leads to power savings. A must-check before buying LED panel lights
  • Eye friendly: Modern LED panel lights can be adjusted according to the environment and deliver lighting that doesn’t put strain on the eyes. Buy your LED light panels from top manufacturers of China to protection from radiation as well.
  • Shock protection: Instead of tungsten glass, LED ceiling lights are made up from hardness resin which promises extra strength. They are shock proof and also show good temperature adaptability.

Many Chinese LED lighting manufacturers and wholesalers are offering LED panel lights, tubes and ceiling lights but few are promising quality along with fast delivery and top class customer support.

Check out UL approved LED light panel and t8 fluorescent tubes from SeniorLED for more feature insights on the products experiencing big global demand.

Read this blog to discover why the LED manufacturing company is the top LED supplier of China or check out Quora.


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