Founder of China’s Top LED wholesaler Interviewed by Ideamensch

Entrepreneurs always have great stories to tell. Recently, Rocky Ma, CEO of top LED wholesaler company, China, gave an exclusive interview to Indeamensch and shared his journey with international audience.

For those who don’t know much about LED lighting industry, SeniorLED is one of the top LED light manufacturers and wholesalers in China. With huge client base in the USA, Europe, Middle,-east and Asia, it is one of the leading global brands in power efficient LED solutions.

Sharing the journey of launching SeniorLED, the leading LED lighting wholesalers he stated that the main reason for starting an LED lighting manufacturing company in China was his love towards environment and power saving. Here’s what he said “I noticed the growing awareness amongst people to save power and protect the environment. Since I was passionate about the same and believed in the future of LED lighting, I started manufacturing and distributing LED products.”

The dynamic CEO of SeniorLED also gave insights about following aspects of his life and work ethics:

  • Work schedule at SeniorLED
  • Productivity hacks
  • Importance of patents and market leadership.
  • Need of technological innovations.

Read the complete interview at Ideamensch to learn more about SeniorLED and Rocky Ma.

top led manufacturers china suppliers

SeniorLED – China’s top LED wholesaler – actively donates some portion of their revenue to UNICEF for helping young children and mothers of developing countries. Many CSR activities were initiated by Rocky Ma which has played a huge role in making the LED manufacturing and distribution company a global brand.

SeniorLED is focusing on creating more innovative and cost efficient LED lightings. This year, the company launched a new LED product called “Reading Bulb” for young students and schools.

His passion and hard work has made SeniorLED one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers and wholesalers of China. That’s also why it is often being spoken on popular platforms like Quora and Top10consultants.


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