LED Light Panel from SeniorLED – Best Product Specs

When it comes to LED light panels, SeniorLED is counted amongst the best LED manufacturer and wholesaler of China. The company delivers smooth glare free lighting, and CE panel lights that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, bright and cost efficient. It is also the first choice of businesses and organizations for its low maintenance and great performance.

Here are the key features of CE approved LED light panel:

  • The LED panel light from SeniorLED comes with quick heat dissipation with less than 20 degrees of housing temperature.
  • Certified from international safety and standard bodies such as UL, DLC, FCC, CE, ROHS and TUV.
  • SeniorLED delivers quality LED light panel made by using PMMA materials of optical grade for better light efficiency.

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  • With the help CE approved current constant power supply, the LED panel lights does not flicker and also starts faster.
  • The recessed panel lights also come with 3 years of warranty and also provide repairs or replacements.
  • The CE approved panel lights from SeniorLED brings over 30k hours of lifespan.
  • SeniorLED is also famous for its eco-friendly LED products. The LED panel light does not include hazardous chemicals like mercury.

The CE approved LED panel lights from SeniorLED makes it perfect lighting solution for various industries and sectors due to its energy efficient and environment friendly approach.

Being a truly global LED manufacturer of China, SeniorLED donates a portion of its revenue to UNICEF. A registered brand in the USA and Canada, the LED company is also contributes to top LED knowledge sites like LEDinside to help buyers make smart LED buying decisions.

Check out its recommendations on Quora to learn more about the China based LED manufacturing company.


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