How to import LED bulbs from China to USA- Top LED manufacturer Speaks

Considering China is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of LED lights and tubes, the whole world including the USA and Europe imports large quantities of LED from country. But for young entrepreneurs and businesses, importing LED lights from China is a complicated process due to language barriers, complicated custom laws, cultural gap, and trust issues.

To help entrepreneurs and businesses importing LEDs from China, SeniorLED has created a step by step guide. Here are the main highlights from the LED buying guide for China from top LED manufacturer of China:

  • Look out for the LED products with international safety and standard certifications like UL, DLC 4.0.
  • Ensure AIG insurance to cover damages during shipment.
  • Check quality of LED products by asking the documentation
  • Smartly draft RFQ file.

seniorLED import from china

Here are some tips and suggestions for finding top LED manufacturer and wholesaler in China to import LED lights.

  • Engage with the LED manufacturer which is a global wholesaler. Being a registered brand in countries like USA and Canada is additional advantage.
  • Compare the RFQ details with other brands to choose the best LED manufacturer.
  • Ensure quality of chip, driver, and other parts.

Another major concern is safety of LED tubes and lightings during shipment. SeniorLED includes 10 layers of packaging and cross-stacking boxes ensuring full product protection.

Also, your selected LED manufacturer must promise:

  • Sample LED lights
  • Power saving capabilities
  • Full tech support in your language.
  • Detailed QC process to ensure product quality
  • CRM and social activities are a big ad-on. (SeniorLED has partnered with UNICEF)

Read the complete post published on to learn how to import LED tubes from China

SeniorLED regularly published LED buying guides to educated business owners and entrepreneurs about importing LED lights from China to USA, UK, and Asia. Here’s another blog published at LEDinside that shares.

Also check out SeniorLED on quora


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