IP65 Rated Waterproof LED Panel Lights from SeniorLED

When a waterproof LED light comes with IP65 protection, it becomes perfect lighting solution for a variety of environments such as indoors, outdoors, wet, dry and even harsh conditions. Top LED manufacturers are constantly pushing for innovative LED lighting solution in the global LED market, and SeniorLED is one of the leaders in innovation.

The new LED waterproof lights from SeniorLED have revolutionized the LED market by coming up with superior long-lasting IP65 protected lighting along with patent protected waterproof structure.

Let’s learn more about IP65 protection before moving ahead:

IP stands for Ingress protection ratings which are defined in international standards EN 60529 British BS EN 60529:1992 and European IEC 60509:1989. The main purpose of these standards is to define the duration and effectiveness of electrical products against heat, dust, water etc.

LED manufacturer

While the first number of IP rating defines dust, the 2ndindicates water resistance.  So, IP65 protection ensures good level of dust and water protection.  As top LED manufacturers of China, we always recommended checking IP65 protection while purchasing water proof LED lights.

Patent protection

The advanced waterproof LED panel lights from SeniorLED offers dual protection. We offer patented water proof structure along with

We offer patented water proof structure along with high-quality water proof glue that ensures complete IP65 protection.The main reason for such a tight and effective protection is that even if the glue gets degraded, the waterproof structure will carry on long lasting protection.

Components Used

Here is the list of superior quality components used while making this advanced water proof LED panel lights:

  • Mitsubishi PMMA resin light guide plates.
  • Taiwan Everlight 2835 A grade SMLED Chips.
  • IP65 EU standard power factor.
  • High thermal conductivity aviation grade 6063 aluminum frame.
  • 2835 SMLED light source for higher brightness
  • Wide input voltage from AC 85~265V 50/60Hz.
  • 3 years warranty along with stable performance and anti-flickering.
  • High speed start with high thermal conductivity.
  • Ip65 layered complete protection.

With its innovative and high quality LED products, SeniorLED has revolutionized the LED lighting industry around the globe. It has become one of the leading LED supplier and distributor of high quality LED lights around the world. Not only is this, it is also a registered brand in the USA and Canada.

Want to become LED distributor and start your own lighting business?SeniorLED can help you in maximizing your profits.Visit the website to check out ‘Become a Distributor’ page or like us on Facebook for product updates.




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