Triproof LED Lighting Products FromSeniorLED – Catalogue Spotlight

Some environments cannot do with ordinary lighting products. That’s why we came up with tri-proof LED lighting products to cater lighting requirements that go beyond the ordinary. Our widely popular range of tri-proof lights not only bring the advantage of super strength and resistance to damaging agents but also deliver excellent lighting experience.

In this post, we introduce our readers to the most popular tri-proof LED lighting products from SeniorLED:

50inch LED Bar – Explosion Proof Lighting Specialist

This LED light bar is widely deployed at railway stations, coal mines, metal factories, power stations, power grids, factory workshops, vessels, harbours, and various other testing environments. Built using glass fiber casing, explosion proof lighting tube from SeniorLEDis certified by UL, cUL, CE, CB, SAA and DLC listed.

explosion proof led bar

Our 50 inch LED bar has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours and carries heat radiation design, diffuser with double seal fences, and temperature & corrosion resistance capabilities. Check out our most popular product in explosion proof lighting range.

LED Garage Ceiling Lights

Just like 50 inch LED lights, garage ceiling LED lights from SeniorLED also raise the bar of performance and durability. With their extra tensile strength, these lights are perfect for locations with high possibility of vandalism. Our ceiling lights have been approved by internationally trusted bodies like CE and Rohs.

LED seniorled

SeniorLED’s garage ceiling lights stand apart from other tri-proof LED lighting products because of its modular design, easy installation, long lifespan, and extended functions like emergency battery and dimming capabilities. Check out complete product details.

Experience superior lighting with SeniorLED

SeniorLED has been brightening commercial buildings, public spaces, hospitals, manufacturing units, and parking units across the world. We have been active in the lighting industry for the past one decade and have rich client base in the USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 or drop an email at to inquire about explosion proof lighting, garage ceiling lights and other high-efficiency LED products in our product catalogue.

Read our founder’s interview to learn more about us!


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