Low Blue Light LED Bulbs – SeniorLED Shares Insights

Demand of low blue light LED bulbs is increased because awareness about risks of blue light have increased. According to the research, it has been proved that worker working in offices and factories are in a great risk because they are working in a artificial light full day without any access to natural light. This is the reason why SeniorLED is creating awareness about low blue light LED bulbs and also supplying  the products to LED market of Canada, United states and Asia.

low blue light

Low blue light LED bulb is better because low blue light reduces the blue wavelength content Long term exposure of blue light can cause serious damage to our eyes especially retina. In the detailed blog post, SeniorLED has shared great insights about the blue light and innovation taking place to tackle it. Read the complete blog post here to understand better the concept of low blue light LED bulb.

low blue light

Low blue light bulbs are designed with circadian cycle of humans in mind. LED engineers have evolved lighting technology which ensures minimum amount of blue light. Lighting products of SeniorLED focus on making home and work space healthier. That’s why they are highly recommended on quora.

Drop a mail at info@seniorled.com or call at (+86) 139 6488 0018 to learn more about Low blue light products in Senior’s catalog. Follow SeniorLED on scoopit to stay updated with new products, company announcement and much more.


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