Circadian Lighting – SeniorLED Shares Healthy Benefits

Circadian lighting creates an ideal lighting ambiance that maximizes wellbeing and overall productivity.It is well known for maintaining and regulating circadian rhythm during sleep. To create awareness about circadian light bulbs, SeniorLED is working on a detailed blog post.

circadian lighting

Circadian lighting – Health highlights

Unlike Traditional LED and fluorescent lights, circadian light bulbs reduces high blue wavelength which is infamous for its unhealthy and disastrous effects on humans.Recent studies state that light bulbs that are being used in various workplaces, hospitals and schools have higher amount of health risks associated with it.

Circadian light bulbs use revolutionary low blue light technology to increase productivity and improve health.Advantages of circadian light bulbs include:

  • Better office productivity
  • High alertness & cognitive behavior
  • Balanced circadian rhythm
  • Improved mental health
  • Enhanced mood functions.

Read out the complete blog post here to better understand the concepts of Circadian light bulbs

To further enhance knowledge about healthy lighting read this blog about mood light bulbs.

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