Healthy Lighting Benefits – Data, Findings & Facts for 2018

Healthy lighting are being favored over traditional lighting products since studies have proven their vast range of benefits. SeniorLED, top health lighting LED supplier of China, recently shared the benefits of healthy lighting in a blog post which brings data, findings, and usage insights from all over the world.

Here are some of them:

  • Heschong study confirming 25% improvement in memory and 23% in productivity with healthy lighting products.
  • Health facilities using well-being lighting for patients struggling with dementia and Alzheimer.

healthy lighting benefits


  • Cities like Los Angeles and Calgary (Canada) embracing low energy light bulbs.
  • 25% ASID employees reporting improvement in sleep after installation of circadian lighting

The blog brings data, findings and fact related to LED lighting and healthy lighting products. Check out the full blog on healthy lighting benefits.

Also, check out this blog about healthy workplace lighting

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