Are LED Lights Bad For Your Eyes?

The straight answer to the question “are LED lights bad for your eyes?” is yes. But there is more to it than a one word answer.

According to Spanish researchers, blue light present in traditional LED lights can cause irreversible damage to the eyes, especially cornea and retina. Researchers further added that once retina cells are destroyed by prolonged and continuous exposure to LED lights, they cannot be replaced and will not regenerate. Other than causing damages to eye cells, traditional LED lights are also notorious for unbalancing body’s circadian rhythms during sleep.

are led lights bad for your eyes

The Huge content of blue light wavelength and Unfiltered Ultra violet rays makes LED lights really bad for your eyes. Traditional LED lights uses up to 95% less energy than incandescent lights thus are highly energy efficient but the health focused drawbacks of traditional LED lights make them weak in argument.

Thankfully,globally renowned LED manufacturers and suppliers are now focusing on bringing innovative healthy LED solutions such as low blue light bulbsto eradicate complications related to the blue LED lightings.

SeniorLED – Introducing Low Blue light Bulbs

A registered company in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED is one of the most prominent LED lights manufacturers and suppliers dealing in revolutionary low blue light LED products based on blue blocking light technology.

are led lights bad for your eyes

Blue blocking light technology resembles sunlight spectrum and reproduce similar wavelength intensity to a certain degree. While traditional LED lights are bad for eyes, low blue light bulbs from top healthy lighting suppliers minimize the damage and promote overall health, improve visibility, and enhance productivity.

With advanced LED manufacturing infrastructure, strict quality control process and global quality standards, SeniorLED has become one of the most trusted LED brands in the world.Drop a mail to or call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to request the best price for low blue light bulbs and healthy lighting solutions.

Check out SeniorLED on listly and explore various product lists, recent news and blog resources.

In short, only traditional LED lights are bad for your eyes!


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