Why SeniorLED is China’s Top LED Lighting Wholesale Company?

LED wholesale and distribution market is growing because of growing awareness about LED technology and increase in global demand. But only a few companies like SeniorLED that have come a long way as LED light wholesalers and are currently leading the LED industry.

led wholesale company

Founded in 2008, SeniorLED has been constantly innovating, manufacturing, and delivering high quality LED light products. The LED lighting manufacturers company has a rich client base across the globe including USA, Canada, Middle East, and Asia.

Here are 10 points which make SeniorLED top led lighting wholesalers and distributors:

  • Power saving lighting solutions  
  • Stringent testing procedures  
  • Experienced LED team
  • Diverse product portfolio
  • LED certifications
  • Product insurance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Global clientele
  • Commitment to awareness
  • Tailored lighting solutions 

Above points have been taken from the official blog post from SeniorLED.

A global wholesaler of LED lights and tubes, SeniorLEDis a registered brand in USA and Canada, and known globally for manufacturing top quality LED lights that last longer than other lighting products available in the market.

View complete collection of top quality LED panel lights and waterproof LED lights from SeniorLED for more information about LED lights, tubes, and panel lights on sale


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